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I got a new edition of Trivial Pursuit for my Christmas.


No, I haven't opened it early, just that I got a wee note with my gift-wrapped and personal-messaged parcel, telling me what was inside it.


Now, I keep getting told that online shopping is the future and how a rising percentage of christmas gifts are bought online, but I really can't see a future where all gifts are sent out with a wee note telling you what your surprise will be.


I think they may have to look at this again.

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Some one has ordered the item for Dandyesque and had it gift wrapped and sent to his address, the receipt / invoice is sent to the buyers email address, but there is a tag on the external of the gift wrap advising what the item is.





Anyway, I ordered about 95% of all my presents this year online, with a fair few being from Amazon, without any problems at all.

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who ordered it?


if it was someone else, why are you opening the external parcel?


what if they had sent out the wrong item, gift-wrapped and you didnt know till you gave it to the person as their present...you need a receipt




is there any need for that kind of response?


Fucking hell.


My brother ordered it.


I knew it would be gift-wrapped, so I took it out of the cardboard box it came in, thinking somehow that it might not look too festive under the tree otherwise.


If they sent out the wrong item, I wouldn't know until Christmas Day, when I am likely to be speaking to him anyway. Do Weegies not thank each other for presents? Perhaps it seems churlish when you know it was probably nicked or bought stolen down the pub?


They could send the receipt to the person who ordered it and paid for it instead.




There was a need for that response as it was pretty fucking clear from my post that I had not been sneaking peeks at the present.


That and I am in a sarky mood.



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