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Dons V Hearts

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In or Oot ~ In


Furry Boots ~ TBC


Pre Matcher ~ TBC


Post Matcher ~ TBC


Prediction ~ 1-3


Perhaps AFC should take a leaf out of Hearts book and not pay the players. Might actually make the useless lot we have try for once. Seems to be working for them which is why I think we could be in for another beating this Wednesday night but hopefully not. I think Hearts will put 3 past us...................... :( but I am still going just in case...................... :crossfingers:

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In or Oot- oot


Furry Boots- Maybe on the sofa with the radio on and in Live Chat.


Pre Matcher- Might have a cup of tea, I'll be making it in the kitchen


Post Matcher- Probably setting up a noose in the garage


Prediction- 0-2 with Hearts not having to come out of second gear.



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Some fan you are! Why would anybody go to Barcefuckinglona and miss a home game is beyond me nutter.gif

Fucking part timers eh Okla




In or oot - in


Furry boots - got comps for the Dick Donald somewhere


Pre match - work


Post match - hame as working on Thursday


Score - 1-1


I urge all the stay away supporters to get down to the game if possible. If not to cheer on the Dons, but to see Deano get presented with his player of the year award.

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That's pretty good for a round trip from Cambridge (if that's where you would be travelling from).


Good any good tips for cheap travel?


Home for Christmas period so got a rare chance to see the Dons. Didn't make the journey just for the Inverness game :P


It would have to be some game for that sort of journey (Hampden perhaps but maybe that's being too optimistic for our team this season).


You can megabus it from london for

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