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Northsound Two ...


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I assume it's still on 1035MW?


The only reason I ask is I'm driving home with it on, hear the jingle and all of a sudden, I'm listening to "Stained Glass Radio" reporting on Tesco's support of the "Homosexual agenda over cancer charities". The frequency hadn't changed ...


What on earth is going on?

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Pro-Christian wasn't the word for this stuff. I turned it off once it got to a live interview with an American preacher and his incredible healing powers.


Must be a local show as well. I know basically all of Northsound 1 evening and night schedule are syndicated with the other local radio stations across Scotland but I checked the various other local radio stations websites and their AM stations don't have this show on their schedules.


I might have to give this a listen to see what Bible bashing nonsense this show promotes, could be funny as hell.

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