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Never Change, Aberdeen


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So i am back in Aberdeenshire for the holidays, out in Aberdeen tonight walking past that place opposite slaters and some guy just go's 'come on you fat fenian cunt' to me out of nowhere. Clearly steaming and his friend moved him along, but I never bothered replying. No idea where that came from but surely it wouldn't be a fellow dons fan walking round saying that to random people in Aberdeen...


I had a grey jacket on and jeans, so not even like he was a Fanny associating a colour I was wearing with a team. Only thing that stopped me saying Fuck off I'm a don was that i suspect he was an aberdonian rangers fan... And I didn't fancy getting into a fight with him and his pal.

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Podge if you're referring to Tonik or Paramount you were walking by then i'm not surprised you had bother, bunch of fucking cocks that go there nowadays. Would have just laughed it off tbh.


You are exactly right, i was just walking past the big pavement bit infront of tonik. All good, his friend kept him walking so it was just a bit of verbal abuse but the boy must have been angry about something, which makes me guess it must be a rangers fan since we won yesterday!

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