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as someone who only has a passing command of one language (English), i've always been fascinated by people who can become fluent in multiple languages, with relative ease. i'd love to be fluent in French, Italian and Swedish but seemingly lack the ability, after multiple attempts.


how many, and which, languages do you speak? and are there others you'd want to master?


To find out whether anyone could really learn so many languages, Mr Erard set out to find modern Mezzofantis. The people he meets are certainly interesting. One man with a mental age of nine has a vast memory for foreign words and the use of grammatical endings, but he cannot seem to break free of English word-order. Ken Hale, who was a linguist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and died in 2001, was said to have learned 50 languages, including notoriously difficult Finnish while on a flight to Helsinki. Professional linguists still swear by his talent. But he insisted he spoke only three (English, Spanish and Warlpiri

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I speak English and a little French. I don't know if I'm incapable of learning a new language or if it's just because I'm not motivated.


I was in Russia for a couple of month a few years ago, and by the time I left I was getting reasonable with the language, to the point I was able to order breakfast at a McDonalds in St Petersburg and get exactly what I'd asked for. Now I can remember maybe two words of Russian.


The loon, however, is a little mad genius. He made up his own language called 'Rockive'.


This was all fun and games until we realised that 'Rockive' was nothing more than a collection of words he considered to be 'bad', but figured he could get away with if he presented them under the guise of being a foreign/made up language, and therefore not subject to the English definition.


He was more than a little put out when we banned Rockive... but he's moved on to new and more evil projects since then, so he keeps busy.

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am fluent in french, itailan and dutch.

living n holland being fluent n dutch is nigh on pointless unless you get a letter from the water board, council or whatever.

day to day living is easier in english.


dont think there many countries as bilingual as holland. denmark and sweden to some extent. and norway from what i hear.

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Tried rakes of different ones canna do any. When I get abuse from foreign friends I just tell them "nah well it's easy for you if you're gonna learn a language you learn english but for me theres so much choice". I jokingly say that but it's also true. Thinking of learning French (properly) because they are almost as ignorant as us and refuse to learn english(unlike loads of places).

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french is good enough to go on holiday and not make a tit of masel.


and some latin!




i was always keen to learn latin. could do french when i was at school and somehow retained enough to get by. picked up bits and pieces of portuguese when in portugal, then somehow picked up words and random sentences in italian from playing assassins creed :laughing:

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