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Glaswegian Dirty Does Massive Shit On Shop Floor

Big Man

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I seen something similar on New Year a few year back. Went into Aberdeen for the bells for once.


Was hoachin' with pishheids, on my way back to get picked up to go hame, seen down some back alley a wifie, kegs doon on top of a car bonnet with the headlights on, engine running, take a hooring dump on the windscreen.


The moral of the story, never get a car with clever windscreen wipers that detect weather............

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Guest milne_afc

An auld jakey bird shat herself a few weeks ago in the 24hr shop on Market Street. Fair tickled me like. If it wisnae for the ambulance folk, i'd have offered her hame.

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My mate and his brother returned home from the pub one night to find a guy actually shitting on their doorstep. No doubt why he randomly chose their doorstep, but there he was, keks round his ankles, crimping out a length. Fair to say he had no shit left in him when they'd finished with the manky kunt.

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