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"senior Moments" Start Earlier Than Expected


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i thought your 40s were supposed to be the new 30s? :wtf:

i'd best get started doing stupid crossword puzzles and such.. time's a wastin' :banghead:



If you're having trouble remembering things lately, or more problems understanding new things than you used to, don't worry; you're not losing your mind. You may, however, be losing your ability to think clearly

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FFS does the boy do any work??


Yes, I devised a formula for this.


I do everything at 100mph.


M/Y = N


N x E = T




M = My number of posts in last year

Y = Your number of posts in last year


Divide M by Y to get N.


E = the number of years you have existed on planet earth.


Multiply N by E and you get how much better my life is than yours.



Good luck!

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