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Achtung: Product Recall

Big Man

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Sent my 4GB 1st Gen Nano away to them at the end of november, couple of days ago received an 8GB 6th Gen Nano (Newest version).


Its Tiny! Got an iPhone already so just using it for my ipod dock in my room like i did for my 1st gen one.


Not sure if its actually brand new, defo looks like it is but they don't include an actual box or cables and earphones, literally just the ipod in a plastic sleeve...


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Just got off the phone with apple - it appears i do have an affected model.


The boy doesn't know what i'll get as a replacement though.


Different folk have been getting different things apparently.


Hopefully get a brand new one...




Can do it all online mate but at least its done now, takes up to 6 weeks to replace once they receive your ipod.


Been hearing that all the backed up 1st gen refurbished stock has been issued out so now everyone is getting 6th Gen 8GB ones.


Top Class customer service from Apple!

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You're quite right.




I went into Currys yesterday and asked for a Chicken Tikka Masala.




The halfwits just looked at me as if I was stupid.




I dinna ken what the big connection with IT and fruit is. Orange make mobiles, so do fucking Apple. You get fucking Blackberries, jesus h, show a bit of imagination FFS.


Mind you technical folk could be described as 'fruits' so I suppose there's that loose correlation.


I use my mobile phone for phoning folk, and the odd text. I've no idea what the fuck else it does. I dinna care.

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