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Couple Of Fannies

Big Man

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I take it you're the one in the middle?


Spoiler for the thick.






Disturbing lack of anatomical knowledge being demonstrated here.


I naively assumed that they would be in a front and back formation - not side to side. Not that it makes a big difference. It's still a tantalising prospect.


Da ken B.C. i made an assumption there too if truth be told.


Any medical types on here?




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What's nae to like?


Two for the price of one. Fucking hell min it's a fantastic idea and I think every woman should have this.


Except ginger birds as their fuds are revolting.


It would be like getting a tit job fae a bird with 3 tits min. You can only pit ur nob atween twa tits, so fit's the point in haein the third een? Would only freak you oot. Would be ashame to ging to waste, she could give the fanny she disna need to a ginger bird.

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