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Just seen that we've sold out our allocation to the Huns game.


Any chance anyone got extra? The woohoo and 2 mates were planning on heading down to this. We'll phone the club tomorrow, see our chances of getting returned tickets or anything, but can anyone on the Hat help us out?



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We'll be getting a bigger allocation, phone up the ticket office and you'll be put on the waiting list. Few pals have missed out, thankfully got my ticket.


I'm on the waiting list at the mo. The guy at the ticket office said they were in dialogue with the Huns about a bigger allocation. Can't see them giving it though. Wouldn't they have to move things around for their home support? Plus, I've read they've got some sort of deal on that if you buy something from the club shop worth over £20 or something, you're getting a ticket for this game half price. It'll be one of the few times they sell out that hell hole this season.

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