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I tracked the film down to buy and watch it back in the day 'cos the director was local etc... and you did have to track it down, but then again all good roads lead to 1-UP. Good enough film but....... Its not 'pish', its a good effort. Patrice was pretty good in it.


Any film with Simmie and Hewitt in it is good enough for me.


Edit to add: Ke1t? Are you the Kelt thats always been in Detroit?

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Finally got round to watching this whilst on holiday.


I thought it was pretty good. How on earth would you lead into a second one though?


I thought the acting was good. It took me a while to get used to listening to the accents but it is brilliant to see on a film. I don't know anything about the actors, are they in anything else and are they like proper actors? I go to a lot of local plays and don't recognise them?

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