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Dean Windass Tries Suicide

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PREMIER League hero Dean Windass has shockingly confessed he tried to take his life TWICE just days ago.


The former Hull City striker admitted to The People this week he is battling booze and depression after retiring from the game he adored.


Dean, 42, is the same age as Wales manager Gary Speed who killed himself in November.







Not good at all. Hate seeing this kind of stuff and can well see how when your entire life from being a kid to your late 30s or more has been fitba, suddenly having nothing... wow.



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Shocking stuff, bit surprised that part of the healing process when you try to kill yourself is to do an interview with a national paper 3 later?

I guess it gets it out there and now everyone will be watching out for him, maybe. It is a shame, but everyone reacts differently and stress and depression are just so unpredictable in most folk.

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