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Bobby Connor

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I reckon she'd be odds on to be a shit ride BC, these overly sexual, 'I love cock', in your face girls always are.


I'd be willing to find out, in the interests of research obviously.


Disagree, but we need to find out. I've fired in a letter to Jimmy Saville.


Dear Jim,


Can you fix it for me to shag Madonna every fucking way imaginable and can I take a wee notepad with me to record my thoughts and feelings.


It's for my O Grade science so I will also need a fat ugly bird and a young fit bird to ride for the sake of comparison.

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Think of the Kudos Bebo. I've done worse... well, I've nearly done worse. She looks an old boot there but on Norton right now she has maybe had some control of the camera angles and she's wearing gloves.


Still a yes from me.


Low light, this basque, Madonna-lingerie.jpg suspenders, and a bit of papa don't preach in the background and you could pretend its 1986 again. :thumbs:



If she'd do that I definitely would!


:spunk: :spunk: :spunk:

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