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Internet Threat !


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I can only imagine the outrage if people didn't get their Facebook fix for a day.



I used to think that Sergey Brin and Larry Page were radical dudes , not so sure about Mark Zuckerberg.


I think the state of being radical recedes the more money we have in the bank. The true radicals are guys like Jimmy Wales and Tim Berners-Lee.


Let's hope Facebook and Google remain true to their youthful ideals ; I don't know much about the Twitter guy.


Control freakery will fuck the internet and the control freaks would love to get their hands on it. Could be the beginning of the end of the internet as we know it.



Fight the power !

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Battle won , war not yet over.



The backlash against two bills aimed at stopping online copyright infringement gathered pace last night, as eight US lawmakers announced that they had withdrawn their support for the measures.


Stung by claims that it would disrupt free expression and harm the internet, two key sponsors of the US Senate's Protect Intellectual Property Act (Pipa), Marco Rubio of Florida and Roy Blunt of Missouri, announced that they would no longer be backing it.


The online encyclopaedia's founder, Jimmy Wales, was anxious to stress in interviews that the bills had not yet been beaten, but few lawmakers are likely to risk inflaming public opposition during this election year, regardless of how cannily they are lobbied for support.






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I remember my first modem... a state of the art 14000 US Robotics External Fax Modem.




I was the shit with my Roaring Silence (Anyone remember them?) account, downloading porns from the newsgroups and only having to wait a couple of minutes for a 48k picture of a chick painting a pole to download.

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