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Been trying to find a torrent for a band called Clayhill but can't seem to get one. What sites does everyone use for downloading music and I an maybe try them.




If I were the sort to use torrents, I'd google "Clayhill" and "torrent" rather than searching any one torrent site.


Of course I'm not the sort who would illegally download, but if I were...

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You need to download a client.... like Utorrent. So I'm led to believe.


Once you have Utorrent installed, go to a torrent site like btjunkie and download your chosen file. Once it downloads you double click the file and it will open Utorrent and start downloading the file to your destination folder. So I hear.

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Oh, I misunderstood that.


Download an application like ICQ or Skype and you can P2P a file directly to another computer using the same application. That would be the safest, most anonymous way of transferring files between two PCs... is what I hear.

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lol sorry Kelt incidently, didn't mean to completely ignore your advice, just mate here said to use megaupload.. Seems pretty straightforward.


My problem with file upload sites is that they're a bit public for sticking up Copyright material... but hey ho... just mind and take it down when it's transfered....

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