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Could this be the greatest ever hat name? hysterical.gif


Hats off or should I say balls off to whoever came up with that one.


Could this be the female you were in an altercation with on Saturday Mini?


If so what could your name be on Mad? itch-chin.gif


that's what i assumed when she was online this weekend too :)

not to be pedantic, but she should learn to use a dictionary. :blink:

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If I can just step in here, as the official voice of reason and maturity... I think we can all agree on that... I suggest mini apologise for breaking her flag and stabbing her in the throat.


And if the lady in question has any class... as I'm sure she will being a Red... she'll reciprocate by apologising for calling him a puffed up ladyboy queerbait shitstabber (I'm assuming this is what she said, based on what I know about mini, rather than from hearing the actual dialogue) , and for trying to punch him in the knackers.


To both of you I'd say, mini, stop with the pushing steroids up your bottom and you'll start to be less uptight, and stabbing women.. NO!


And to the lady in question I'd say, NO, we don't punch gentlemen in the knackers or call them tiny-cocked fagwits.


Anyone else have any problems they need fixed?

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again, i'd refer her to a dictionary (since this clearly wasn't just a one-off typographical error). it's ORCHIECTOMY.. no D.


I just Googled that.


Jesus tapdancing Christ....


... I was on for some tonight, and you've just gone and put the kybosh on any chance of that happening. :(


You're demented is what you are, lady.

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Boo that takes the shine off it then.


Was this person the only person who registered yesterday? In which case it would probably be the female from Mad who said she registered but couldn't post?itch-chin.gif


Yeah, she couldn't post because when you sign up, you need an admin to approve your account. Obviously neither of us cunts were on at the time. No :itch-chin: conspiracy.

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