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Nothings better than shitting at work, I used calculate how much I was getting paid everytime I went for a shite when I was working night shift. It was a pretty lucrative business.


Money or no, shitting is best done at home.


Yer own bog, nice and toasty wi a mag or yer iPad is much better than some lavvy where all manner of dirty fuckers have curled one out.

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You can get it in Baku! Unbelievable, I would gladly pay a quid for a can especially if I was hungover.


Yup surprised the shit out of me too...It's got a Russki Logo on one side UK on the other...looks pretty cool...There's a pretty large Weegie/ Hun contingent working in Baku (which isn't so great!!) so demand is high...stuff fly's off the shelves!!

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Have the mother of all hangovers today and I don't know why. Had a couple of glasses of prosecco then 3 glasses of gin but I have been violently sick all night/this morning. However the last time I ran to the bathroom I didn't make it in time and collapsed like a deck of cards. It was weird, I've never just fallen down like that before. And I now have a huge gash on my elbow and my arm is in agony as I whacked it off the door as I was falling. I've been sick with drink many times before, but not on so few drinks. I didn't feel very drunk. Maybe my gin was out of date? dontknow.gif

I'm also epileptic so hoping me collapsing wasn't anything to do with that.

Anyway my plans for going to Pittodrie have been scuppered as I lay in my bed with a sore, bleeding arm and feeling sorry for myself.

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i hate the cunts who come on my facebook wall every weekend with:


"has a plan for tonight"


then the next day its


"ugh, so hungover." or in todays case "who ever (not even whomever, illiterate prick) invented hangovers should be shot"


ive fallen out wi the guy before about this. if your going to post every fucking weekend that your going out to get trolleyed, dont expect my sympathy or anybody elses for that matter because your a cunt for repeatedly doing it

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