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Daniel Uchechi Signs

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Does the word context mean anything to you ? :hysterical:


Brown has said Uchechi is not being signed , his agent asked if he could train with us , its costing us nothing .

Rae at the moment is just a rumour , it may be genuine , it may not .


I think you are either the worlds greatest fisher , or someone with a story to tell about you and Brown ..which is it ?


Stand easy boys can't be true

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obviously the guy who sent me this must be looking for my account number and national insurance details for my share of his massive inheritance going by all you guys reactions, i guess i bit


The Mods will forward those details onto him anyway.


How do you think this site is funded?


(Apologies in advance to RTYD) :sherlock:

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Sheffield Wednesday fan and ESPN Correspondent Dale Johnson on Twitter:


Aberdeen sign Danny Uchechi on loan. He was at Sheffield Wednesday before Christmas - one of the worst players I have ever seen.




Seem to recall Wednesday fans saying Reynolds was shite, which is clearly nonsense.

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