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Top This For A Speeding Ticket


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1.) The Netherlands has never operated the Tornado.


2.) No aircraft has ever been - and will ever be - fitted with any system that launches offensive weaponry without the pilot's authorisation. Pilots fire missiles, not aeroplanes.


3.) There are lots of different kinds of radar. The one used in speed guns is particularly low powered, and it pales in significance to the kind used at major airports to track incoming/outgoing aircraft. If -any- radar signal attracted the attention of a military jet, then missiles would be reigning down on any airport in the country.


4.) Foreign pilots (including those in NATO) aren't permitted to overfly British airspace with offensive, live-fire weapons unless it's as part of an extremely strict live-fire exercise.


5.) Radar operates along a pretty simple line. Beam leaves gun, strikes target, is reflected back and received. A jet simply travels too fast for that beam to ever return to the gun in a usable fashion.


6.) As mentioned elsewhere, a Sidewinder is not an air-to-ground missile, but an air-to-air missile. It's also heat-seeking, so pretty useless for tracking down a radar site. You'd use an Anti-Radiation missile in that case.

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