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The Boofon

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Nae luck Paul Daniels with the finger but plenty luck with the pictures and having a wife looking like this. :spunk:





Lost his finger



Daily Mash take on it.


PAUL Daniels is to explain to the Magic Circle why he did not use conjuring and sorcery to re-attach his severed finger.



'I see an old man with a circular saw'

The veteran magician is under magical pressure after he chose to rely on the more conventional method of driving to a nearby casualty unit.


By using conventional medicine Daniels is in direct contravention of the rules of the Magic Circle, which state that if a magician cuts a finger off, they must then show the wound to the audience before placing the hand inside a top hat.


The magician should then distract the audience by producing an endless stream of ping-pong balls from his or her mouth, followed by a small explosion, after which the audience is shown the hand complete and unwounded.


Denys Finch-Hatton, Britiain's Chief Magician, said: "Re-attaching a severed finger is as easy as pulling a ten pence piece from a fat lady's ear. Daniels has brought magical shame on us all.



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