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First Sweary Movie

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first blood for me. watched it at my uncles when it was released on video in 1983 when he was babysitting me. remember going up to dereks family videos in woodside with him and renting 2 films. I was 7 at the time. also watched enemy mine after that too. was told not to "tell yer ma". still love those films. even enemy mine LOL.

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Never mind sweary... first movie that gave you a pinger - and you knew what it was and liked it? :thumbup1:


For me it was The Choirboys! When Sperm Whale (fat bloke actor) is in a strip club and the girl is wearing nipple tassles (what are THEY.... I wondered...) and she says her name is Foxy and his response is the so classic "Yes you certainly are"



That put hair on my chest that did. Life shaping moment.



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Probably Trading Places, got a 2 for 1 in that movie as it was the first time I saw a pair o tits too when Jamie Lee Curtis got em oot!


Think she was first pinger for me too, Fish Called Wanda I think ti was when she rubbing herself off on a rope.


As for sweary movie no idea my older bro was mad keen on the worst horror films so used to get abuse if anything under a 15 was rented. I'd watched every 18 in the shop by the time I was 10.


Might have been:




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