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Aberdeen V Qots

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I'll be honest, I was seriously considering flying back for this game. For some reason I have a pathological need to see Aberdeen hammer these fuckers into the ground.


Instead I'll be listening to Open All Mics and drinking some alcohols in my home office.... that'll have to do.

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In! Probably South Stand.


Banana skin but I think we'll win. Hopefully decent weather and we can get a few goals.




Our recent performances at home would suggest it wont be a goal fest though. Not conceding many, but not scoring many either.

We need creativity.

No sign of a left winger by Tuesday so looks like we'll be going with what we've got.

With Milsom out, we've no left sided midfielder...other than Robertson who Brown sees as a left back.

Our record in the cups in the last 5-6 years means we cant be complacent.

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That's the need I have also. These fuckers made me feel like I had been dumped by a girl I had been infatuated by.


I will now watch with great drink fuelled delight as they get their pants ripped off and given it right up the cooncil gritter. Dry.

Exactly how I feel.


Never felt so low after a football game. We're going to have to humiliate them next week for me to feel any sort of justice for JC's glorious failure on that day.

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Out: Milsom, Folly, Anderson, Osbourne, Pawlett, Mawene & Rae

Added to squad: Uchechi


Would get rid of the idea of Mcardle at full back - six and two threes whether drop mcardle or robertson to do so


Would also bring back in Fallon or Chalali for this one




Jack McArdle Considine Reynolds


Fyvie Arnason Hughes Clark


Vernon Fallon


Subs: langfield, robertson, chalali, uchechi, magennis


Prediction: 2-0 and a bitty better than previous week

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"Treated" myself to a ticket in the main stand!


In all my years of going to see Aberdeen, i've never sat there once. Will have to sort that out before they turn the lights off for good.




Driving up with a mate and our kids. We better win this, the last time was a sore one.

Sooth Stand nae doubt for us

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