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The Next Couple Of Days

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Always a great couple of days with deadline looming.


For me


In - Gavin Rae...after some last minute faffing

In - The Nigerian fella...till the end of the season


Out - Mackie...Dundee or Falkirk

Out Arnason...Hun or as Boof has suggested and I've read elsewhere Southampton


Surprise last day swoop for Farid El Alagui from Falkirk


Anybody else see anything on the horizon??

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So you think the GWT is going to make 5 moves in the next couple of days? Rather a strange tangent for someone so mentally disturbed pathologically against Broon?


Yes...notice you've been randomly abusing folk over the last week or so...there's no need for it pal...go out and get yourself laid...give us all a break

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Arnason better not be on his way to the Hun, would be bitterly disappointed if that was the case.


He's out of a job in 6 months if he does, probably without ever seeing a penny from them. So taking that into account, I'd not be disappointed, I'd laugh pretty hard.


But, hes not going to Rangers, someone has taken his goal at Ibrox to mean they'd not be able to resist. Bollocks. They can't afford him, and he's not an idiot.

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Low & Shaunnessey loans to Forfar extended until end of season

Folly released

Paton loan to Stockport until end of season



Gavin Rae signed on 18 month deal

Danny Utechi signed from Dender on loan until the end of the season

Jordan Brown (loan return)



McArdle to Southend for 50k

Arnason to seven different clubs for 50-350k

Mackie to Dundee on loan until the end of the season

Premiership Loan signing from Man Utd

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Source of these rumours?


Mackie on loan? What would be the point if his contract ends this summer?


I'd suspect to reduce his cost to the club and save us having to pay him off with a lump sum/cover a percentage of his wages to free him to them now. Even if we cover his wages when on loan we'd still save on bonuses etc for being part of the squad. Loan now, sign full time in't summer.

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Out - Paton back to Stockport, on a permanent deal this time, Mackie to Ushited, Folly to the dole with a package in his hipper, and Magennis likwise.


In - Rae, the New Zealander trialist and a Fulham wide player on loan.



Would be a strange one seen as he's started the last 2 games.

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Think Arnason wi;; stay until the end of the season.


Out: Paton - loan back to Stockport


In: Rae - 18 months

Uchechi - loan for rest of season


Hope for El Alagui swap deal with Mackie but can't see it being true at all


Also saw another cheeky link with James McFadden on loan but no chance of this


Also saw a rumour that Vernon was linked with a move to Bristol City if they lose Maynard but seeing as he's just signed a new 2 year deal here i think this is utter balls

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Would be a strange one seen as he's started the last 2 games.

I don't know, if I'm being honest. Seen it before when a player comes back into a team then leaves shortly after. Could be anything. Brown may have reckoned Josh would be useful for the nature of these two games or it could be throwing him into the shop window? If the likes of Jim McIntyre see him being considered a starter for us then might just throw himself at the opportunity to get him in on loan.

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