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Progress Perspective & Future Fixtures


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  1. 1. Are our 2012 performances, proof that we are 'turning the corner'?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Would our results in the next 3 fixtures (QOTS(h), Hibs(a), St. Johnstone(h)) influence your answer to the first question?

    • Yes, I would change from a Yes to a No
    • Yes, I would change from a No to a Yes
    • No, I would still answer No
    • No, I would still answer Yes
  3. 3. What do you expect our results to be in these next 3 fixtures?

    • 3 wins
    • 3 losses
    • 3 draws
    • 2 wins, 1 draw
    • 2 wins, 1 loss
    • 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss
    • 1 win, 2 draws
    • 1 wins, 2 losses
    • 2 draws, 1 win
    • 2 draws, 1 loss
    • 1 draw, 2 losses
  4. 4. Would bringing anyone in after Uchechi and Rae (you may choose the position of this player), have an impact on your answer to the previous question?

    • Yes, we would improve our results in all our fixtures
    • Yes, we would improve our results in 2 of the fixtures
    • Yes, we would improve our results in 1 of the fixtures
    • No, another signing after Rae and Uchechi would have no bearing on results

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Impossible to tell but think we have missed a massive chance in the last few homes by drawing to teams we should be murdering.


Only time will tell, pretty sure once we have all played 25 games we will be down to 8th or 9th which i think is fair for the season so far.


If we can add a full back and a winger to the current team then theres no reason we cant finish 5th, but think thats the best we can hope for.


With regard to the scottish cup couldnt have hoped for a better draw but i think an appearance in the final is the only thing that can save our season.


After saturdays game very worried about QoTS give our record to lower league teams


Got a stiff run of games coming up and think we should have at least 9 more points than we do to get through them and keep our position in the league.


Still think we will be in the bottom 6 but hopefully a great run in the cup can give us confidence for next season.


p.s. unless there is vast improvement! 1 win and 2 draws

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My expectations are similar to Stoney - 1 win and 2 draws in a series of three games where I'd hope to do better than that - being honest anything but a victory against QotS would be embarrassing. We should beat a poor hibs team even at easter road and should be strong enough to see St Johnstone off at home but are probably not creative enough or solid enough to guarantee either at present. If we get through these three games without a humbling defeat I think I'll move into the real progress is being made camp (as opposed to the goalie didn't have a save to make despite our defeat world of a few weeks ago) .

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