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The Apprentice

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They should do it on a boat, like a prison ship, those deemed inadequate walk the plank and get horsed into mountainous seas by arrogant, patronising rich folk like Alan Sugar.


They could call it 'The Apprentice Ship'


TV gold in the making.


If it was a proper search for an apprentice it would be hosted by a psychotic foreman, looking for his latest apprentice to systematically torment for four years and the tasks would consist of being sent to hardware shops for non-existent items like tartan paint and long stands.

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it was funny, first there was 5, then 3 and the last one to go was never gonna be hired.


suge's a dirty old man now, i thought after he got taken to court by stella he might've changed his tune about hiring wifies.


the boy neil must've thought that if he backed down it was a sign of weakness, suges implied that he would've won if he just changed his mind about the business plan, so he could've wung it and then sorted it out. he admitted it as much in the black-cab-of-shame. the fool.

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Leah is an ex-GF of Fraser Forster making her a WAG.

Which doesn't surprise me given the nick of her. I think she's a fucking horror.

"Hugely successful medical career"? She's 24. Last time I checked, it took 7 years minimum to qualify as a doctor.

Bags of self-belief but zero charisma. She's in the final by default. Luisa can only lose it really.

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It's ok.


Joseph to win even though he looks like Hitler.


Nit, Vana is a boot. Charleine would get it.


Joseph is a strong candidate and probably the only one out of the lot of them with street smarts. He would probably win the old style 'apprentice' but its all about how good their business plans are nowadays.

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Nah Richard won't win, they all hate him. I reckon Vana will win. Apparently Scott quit after being torn to shreds by Lord Sugar in the boardroom.


Like I said, its not about their character so much anymore. Its about how good their business plan is and if Sugar can make money out of them.


Its a pity that Selina got the dunt. She was bang tidy.

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