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Bobby Connor

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They must be working 24:7 are they?


Well even working 24:7 for the past 3 months still equates to just above 1 million.


So where does this 3 million figure come from with working for £654 an hour.



There's more than one of them working there!


£654 per hour per employee.

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Are they paid 24:7 despite maybe only working hmmm 40 hours a week?



it'll be £3m if they're there until the end of the summer.


lets say they're doing 45 hour weeks.


And maybe 4 employees.


£654 x 45 (hrs) x 4(weeks in a month) x 6(months) x 4 (employees) = £2.825m

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There's more than one of them working there!


£654 per hour per employee.


and the £3 million is if the administrators continue in place until the next season starts.


"administrators are set to rack up a £3million bill if the saga drags on into the start of next season... If Duff & Phelps are still in place when the new season starts, they will have run up a bill for 25 weeks’ work – with expenses such as air fares and hotel bills on top."


but isn't it required that a committee of creditors, or the court, approve the administrators' fees?


EDIT: still £654 per hour, if it's true, for even the most senior person is an unconscionable amount to charge. particularly when some kind of overhead allocation and direct expenses are no doubt charged on top of that.

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For a day, I put down 8.5 hours on my timesheet - it's very rare I've worked even half of those hours.


On a good day though I work my 8 and a half hours - but only when this place is shite or I get really into the job I've been given.


I love my job.


Similar scenario here. I (allegedly) work a 7 hour day - very rarely.

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