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Where Are They Now?


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London Scottish

Steve W

Rocket Scientist

Harts Heros / Mr Cooney

Nellie The Don




Canna believe that guys like LS who seemed to spend the majority of his life on here would just go away. Was he 'taken out'?


Steve W argumentative bastard who spoke some shit, maybe became LS?


I came round to liking Rocket Scientist after initially falling out with him, I'm unsure if he was all there to be honest.


Harts Heros / Mr Cooney was a banger, but passionate as fook about AFC.


Nelly The Don was a good poster but canna remember him posting on here for a while.


Slim as above.




Any other names from bygone era's that you remember who don't post any more? Who would you most like to see back posting? Rocket for me like, he would be in his element with the current Rangers situation and wouldn't be short of a talking point or two.

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He's far from being a Liverpool fan - hates Liverpool.


He likes Napoli and Boca Juniors (Diego Maradona link) - and I know he'll very much be at the semi final, but you won't be there - so you won't be seeing him I'm afraid as you never go.


@Dynamo - I never knew we had that friend in common. I can only presume you don't like the word 'sma'?



Nah it was just funny. Not being a bridge of donner i'd never heard it used like that before I went on holiday earlier in the year.

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www.theglasgowreds.com for anyone in the Glasgow region who wants to go to games etc.


BTW are you going to the Roadshow after the game tomorrow mate?


FFS posting links to other sites that's how it all kicked off back in the day........


Prepare to be banned. :laughing:


At the moment I don't think I'm going to make the Roadshow, that may change at short notice though. Mizer and others will be there though, if they can avoid getting too drunk in the time between the game and it starting.

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Wonder what happened to that cock bearded_lady that used to argue the toss over English football constantly over on Mad with bluto.


bearded lady seems like a good lad. well, for a glory hunting barcelona fan that is.

usually get a good debate with him about football in general and outwith scotland tup. always good to see a man who doesnt limit his horizons.

you could learn a thing or two from him. and me now i come to mention it.

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LS's reaction when we went 1-0 up against the Huns a couple of years ago was fucking incredible. Running up and down the fence getting it right up them. Have honestly never seen anything like it. He was fucking possessed for at least 5 minutes. Managed to find the strength to lift me clean off the ground - about 15st 7 at the time. Mad, mad bastard.


We then went for a smoke out the back of the SS and had coins pelted at us by Huns. Fair enough, Dons fans were singing a song that was in pretty bad taste.


The halcyon days of AFC Chat. :lolrangers:

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