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Speaking Of Huns Who Don't Pay Their Debts....

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What a shocking attitude is displayed in those e-mails he sent.


Unreal and these scum have papers like the DR ready to defend them at every turn.

Henry's from Keith...a hot bed of Masonic Wankery...The DR's sister paper is not called The Sunday Mason for nothing

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Remember changing a homepage is a job akin to the building of The Great Pyramids.


Those 'Agree' and 'Disagree' boxes, outlined and everything, against a plain red background, one can only wonder in awe at just how many man hours of the laborious Connor's 20/60 hourly rota that took.


I could not countenance such monumental effort and I doff my cap to him for it. He's even managed to squeeze in a :lolrangers: if you hover over the 'Disagree' box, genius.

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