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Ninety Three Million Quid

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Am furthermore delighted that the tax I have paid previously has gone towards ensuring 'ra peepls' continuing arse rape of Scottish Football.


Fills me with a warm glow (so it does).


Nae really.


The current debt is due to an inability (or unwillingness, but it will have been argued as an inability) to pay what they were declaring (VAT and PAYE). HMRC will often entertain this in struggling businesses and although we may talk about 9 months being a long time to accept this, in the current scheme of things, it ain't. Alternatives to ensure prompt payment rather than depending on companies/individuals to pay on time would waste too much money.


On the tax cases side of it, this is all about interperetation and if found guilty, tax evasion. Again, how you can blame HMRC for this. Often people will find loopholes and suchlike to try and avoid tax, many times crossing in to evasion territory. The fact that HMRC are chasing this is only a good thing.


Don't really know why HMRC are getting much criticism in this instance from yourself (though they deserve plenty of it overall).

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