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Too obscure for me , boofon. Fit's the connection?



Animal magic. Animal magic


Nutkins is an animal nut. So much so he got his finger bitten off by an otter.


You post a picture of some mythical croc/ hippo combo, I think that's a magical animal so we get Animal magic and Terry Nutkins.


Is it Jesus? That seems too obvious.

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Went to see 'Headhunters' at the Belmont this morning , Norwegian Noir. The Norwegians are getting affa good at a'thing , a lorra good jazz coming out of there nowadays and this is a decent movie.


The movie involves art theft , in particular a Rubens , worth millions.


Knew little about Rubens before I entered the cinema but reckoned I liked him mair nor Damien Hirst , so when I got hame I did what comes naturally and googled.


Which led to an examination of this particular pintin.....which is not the one in the movie( which may be ficticious - 'Dogs Attacking Boar in Calydonian Forest' ).


A random impulse made me post on here since I hivnae visited ye's a' for a filey.












Self-portrait, 1623, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra






Birth name Peter Paul Rubens



Born 28 June 1577 , Siegen , Westphalia (modern-day Germany)



Died 30 May 1640 (aged 62)

Antwerp, Spanish Netherlands (modern-day Belgium)



Nationality Belgian



Field Painting , Diplomacy



Movement Baroque



Influenced by Michelangelo, Titian, Caravaggio, Pieter Bruegel the Elder



Influenced Antoine Watteau, Eug

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Hope your enjoying the retirement.


Can you do Terry next week?






Many Dandies will testify that there's only one Terry....particulary the Torryloon aka WattyFeugh and the inimitable hajduk.....the blinner is also partial to a bit of Terry !















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