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Chick Young Calls The Semi For Hibs

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Coming from the man who predicted that it's impossible for Rangers to go into administration, Also he said that there debt was only "surplus", Him and that utter cunt of a man Traynor think they actually know with there one sided convo's ..


Do yourself a favour Chick AND THE REST OF US ... FUCK OFF

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Why do people listen to him?


I guess as the main football correspondant for BBC Scotland people don't have a lot of choice.


He loves to make out all the managers, players and chairman in the football are his personal friends and they all make time for him and provide him exclusives - clearly he has pulled the wool over the eyes of someone at the BBC.

He's just some fanny with 2 brain cells bouncing around asking stupid fucking questions then failing to understand the answers.


He annoys me with his constant "lets stop talking about administration and the SPL voting etc, lets just get the ball out the cupboard and talk football" diatribe. Classic reaction of someone who either doesn't understand what is being discussed and its importance or someone who feels genuinely threatened by the topics of discussion and just wants to be able to brush it all under the carpet.


Amazed the BBC are sticking with him but I guess at the end of the season we might just see a few changes - with luck.

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I don't know how many times people need told - he does it for reaction, and you lot give him the reaction he wants every time.



I would argue Chick is not as clever as to do that.


The man is a laughing stock amongst fans, colleagues, players and managers. When you listen to radio Scotland everyone takes the piss from him yet he doesn't realise. Its like the fat ginger kid who got bullied at school.

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