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No Cheeks At Hampden

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Afternoon Dandies...Hibby here ;)


How long is this week dragging,should be a cracker this weekend...two teams (both confident of winning) with 2 sets of fans who will be there in numbers with displays,i cant wait.


Are you guys confident after pumping United? Or is the recent semi finals you've played in got the nerves going?


I'll go for a 3-2 Hibs win,i expect plenty goals and should be a great day out and dont forget.......der bun wont be anywhere near Hampden :lolrangers:



Roll on Saturday!

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I think history should be ignored here considering your sides record in this competition



:laughing: True Vanderark...but the ironic thing is,so many past great Hibs sides have failed to win the trophy....itd just be like us that a team full of loan players pieced together,and in a relegation fight might be the side to do it...confident if it goes to pens.

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My arse was broken, my arse was broken

Sodom Sodom Sodom Sodom

My arse was broken, my arse was broken


You saw it, You claimed it

You touched it, You stabbed it


Your jizz drying, my tears are crying

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

My tears are drying, your jizz is drying

Your beauty and kindness

Made tears clear my blindness

While I'm worth my room on this earth

I will be with you

While I part my cheeks, puts Sunshine On Leith

I'll thank him for his work

And your girth into my dirt.


A big bad Jambo fae Falkirk used to sing that one

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It's clearly Hibs' cup final this game for them given the fact a few Hibee cunts have signed up for this site to have a bit of banter about it?


Clearly their lipsticks are popping oot at the thought of this weekend.



"a bit of banter about it"



Thats exactly all it is Roberto..Hibbys wouldnt have banter on a celtic/rangers/hearts site...the fact we think you lot are all right and we are playing you at Hampden is why us hibbys come on here,got a few Dons mates,but wouldnt be seen with a jambo ;)

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