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The Cost Of Stamps

The Boofon

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i dont see the big fuss with stamps.


what are they now in the UK, 75p for a 1st class one.

when you think that the letter can arrive maybe a little more than 24 hours after its posted, i think thats pretty good value.


how often do you send letter or parcels anyway? not that often i would have thought.


over here its more expensive i would. letters over here are cheap but anything more costs a fortune.

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Infact, me and the missus sent them out - we just got stamps from Wullfo who was doing us a favour.


Lets be honest though, who would have thought a smallish invite / letter like that would cost EVEN MORE than a first class stamp. It wasn't even that big an envelope.


I was absolutely disgusted that it was costing another 12p for some people.


Shocking from Royal Mail.


12p plus an extra pound fine.


Petrol money as well which would have cost my old dear a pound or two as she'd to go to Buckie to pick it up.


I hope you recompensate her accordingly. :party:

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Recompense or compensate.


Not recompensate.


Unless you're talking about a further compensating.


In that case, I apologise.


The middle one,


Just half apologise and I'll forgive you.


I thought you'd be more inclined to speak about the perils of being a postman rather than correcting my diction.


You moved to God's Country yet?

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