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Breaking News - Sfa To Set Up A New National League?

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jim spence ‏ @bbcjimspence

Big breaking story coming up on Sportsound at 6.10pm don't miss it. It has implications for everyone in football in Scotland.


From Twitter.


Anyone got any ideas? I reckon it will be a referee strike.



I reckon it's something to do with The Huns situation?

Cant see it being the refs, seeing as it's only that bigoted fat cunt from Parkhead that is ever in bother.

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I don't know, but I think it may bring the game to a crashing halt.


Referee's strike seems viable, but that has happened before. Jim Spence seems to be suggesting something bigger than that with that statement.


He's a Scottish football journalist, so it could range from anything between a referees strike to the scrapping of the 'Pie of the Year' awards.


I'm a sucker for drama though, so I'll probably tune in.

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