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Last legs


Always remember when we got a telly with a "UPD" button on the remote control so that instead of constantly checking 310 for the Scottish League score updates it would tell you when it had been refreshed with another goal.


Only drawback being if there were a few goals scored in the games it would change to a 2 pager rendering the feature useless.


RIP Ceefax. :ThumbsDown:

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I could never get Ceefax or Teletext to work right anyway... was unfathomable to me, with it's giant, super-low-res graphics and skirey blue background.


Skirey... there's a word I never see/hear any more.


Anyone familiar with the word Skirey?

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I also read Park Avenue, Teletext's soap opera.


It was all a dream if memory serves me well. Was it about a journalist as well? I used to read it as well. ONly found out many years later that it was Bradford based and named after the old Bradford football team Bradford Park Avenue who are now back up and about.

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Lot of fond memories of the teletext especially bamboozle and checking the horse racing results when I was doon at my Grandas for him.


Always used to remember if any rumours of something happening was never true until my mam checked 332 on Grampian teletext.


I take it you couldna work the remote control?

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