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Wage Structure

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Right okay, having a debate with people in my college about how much aberdeen players earn


I was saying they are probably no more than 3k a week (for the highest paid player)


Where as a couple of my mates are saying like 5/6/7k!? Surely not


might already be a topic on this but i couldnt be arsed looking for it so started a new one.


Any idea? Maybe youv seen it in the paper or that, just curious is all

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No idea, but I very much doubt its as high as 6k, otherwise we'd have signed up Arnason for a few more years.


I wish more clubs around the UK had proper wage structures, it's about time we put a stop to these over inflated wages that footballers are getting. Unfortunately for us, if the English clubs aren't doing it then we're only going to get scraps. The rest of Scotland is pretty much the same as us bar Celtic.

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Club accounts are online if you want to take a stab at working it out.


We have the 4th / 5th biggest budget in the league! Dont think our players are as hard done by as some on here would like you to think! :rolleyes:

I wouldn't say hard done by, but If you were being paid 10-100 times less than someone else doing the same job you'd want some of that too. regardless of how much you are getting paid, if you were on 1k a week and someone in a rival company doing exactly the same job was earning 10k a week...you would have your CV ready to be sent out!

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The club accounts tell you how much is paid on wages across the company with the x highest paid directors only split out I think. There is no way of knowing how much that equates to in terms of player wages.


So really you could do a lot of analysis based on a bunch of assumptions from that figure (been there, done that, bought the t-shirt), or pull a number out your arse and sound authoritative while you say it. Take your pick.






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I was meaning *anyone* that posts anything here because it's all hearsay and butt-numbers.


With the next step then being to decry the players for earning that much and still being shite usually.


The figures being mentioned are not big numbers (for a pro player) if you factor in the cost of living in Aberdeen...ok for Mackie and Langfield they are way over the top...to hear Arnason was offered less than

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