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Dunfermline V Aberdeen

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I hope we give starts to a couple of the young lads today and play them alongside the first choice players though so they are hopefully in a winning team. Don't want to see Brown send crap fringe players out alongside the kids and put the youngsters more under pressure.


I suppose Langfield will be getting more game time. Not going to say too much about that really, as long as Brown starts next season as no. 1.


Given the incredible weakness at FB and on the wing you'd think we could do no worse than give a few of the young lads a chance in those positions?

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Is there a game today? I completely forgot.


Young loons to start. Everyone who won't be here next season to be nowhere near the ground.


Result, hope the Dons win, particularly if we give chances to some of the youngsters, but my care-o-factor is at about zero.


Ach well the chance to get some of the kids out there and give them a chance makes it interesting. Most of the season has been a borefest after all.


Looks like I'm going to have to man this thread myself :-)


So Ollie you ken about the youngsters at the club who should be gettting a start today? We got any young RBs or Wide midfield players who are ready for a chance? Fraser?

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No chance he'll start with more than one youngster unless his hand is forced by injuries. I'd love if he did though. 2 or 3 on from the start and put the "experience" on the bench if needed.


Bizarre comment btw from Brown heard on the Northsound show from last night: he said losing the 6 players is ok. We don't need to replace them to have a decent team but the squad needs filled out with maybe 3 or 4 who are hopefully better than what we lost.


He seems to honestly think without the players who are going we have enough for a team? Is he dottled?



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He strenuously objected to it.


btw Magennis just did something, twice, which I've not seen a FB do for us for years. He took a player on, got to the byline and crossed. Yep. Not a backtrack and back pass, or a cross from deep. Nope. A cut back. Two times. Amazing...


Hope Magennis keeps this up, might just be worth his new deal.... :itch-chin:

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He also put in a brilliant tackle on the edge of the box too. Hmm.


It'd be freaking weird if he were to actually turn into a decent defender. Way too early to say but guess we might find out over the next season...


The game has been entirely one way traffic btw. Don't know if Dunfermline have had more than two touches of the ball in a sequence.


So naturally they're going to win right?



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