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Dons V Hibs

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Haven't seen a match thread for this yet. Not sure if I'll go to this. Maybe if Brown starts the younger players and AFC heavily discount the tickets then may be worth going


No way am I going to this pish. Conned into going to the semi final, not going to watch these charlatans again this season.

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Dont expect the attendance to be any lower than normal - hardly any through the gate fans these days just the poor mugs with season tickets.


Next season will be a big change, i dont know anybody who is renewing. People who have had season seats for 15-20 years now throwing in the towel.


Couldnt be heading into the new stadium under a greyer cloud.

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Really no need for an explanation as to why.

I'm in.


The only explanation I can give is that my season ticket has been bought and paid for and the bairn wants to go.


I'd rather be on the golf course. Which is where i foresee spending my Saturday afternoons from here on in.


Fuck off Aberdeen FC and fuck off Scottish football.

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Not going, but I'm a waster who has only been to see us play twice in the past 18 months. Semi final and that 5-0 humping hearts gave us in december 2010 (It's all I bang on about but it's still stuck in my mind!). :thumbup1:

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