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Patrick Moore

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What do you make of the rough workmanship just below the light switch boof?




Having a white light switch is bad enough as it is but it isn't as bad as the level of his shelves.


I doubt he'd be able to see much looking through his telescope either being that it's pointing towards his roof.


He's also got his light switches mixed up with one switched one way and the other switch opposite.


That needs addressing as well.

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It was only 60 odd years ago Karl. It's not that mental.


Almost 70 tbf.


You won't find many around these days that remember the horrors of WWII that well.


However, I suppose the last Titanic survivor only died a few years ago so maybe more than I think...

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I think we could argue that any nation would grab at dominance if the opportunity arose. We the Brits have committed more than our fair share of atrocities throughout history. Surely the Chinese are the current biggest threat and economics is the present-day battleground. Hitler and his psychotic fuckwits were an abomination for a nation and Germany has given the World every bit as much as the Brits.


Once had a fair old brain on him , Patrick , but a fuckin' old windbag noo( and dreadfully out of condition ).


He's a Pisces , y'ken?









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It's a different and more real picture (imo) to all the lovely fluffy documentaries showing old adversaries hugging and having tea together that is a picture that the media likes to paint.


It must be bloody difficult if you've had some hard experiences (losing your fiance at 20 if nothing else would count) to get all kumbayah about the nation responsible. Not necessarily fair but then again life isn't fair.


But to the more serious aspect of this, those trousers are something else. Wow...



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