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Do the honourable thing Paw Broon and walk away.


Disgusted at your performance and that of the players.




He won't walk...that takes honesty and decency...he possesses neither...he'll bleed the club for all he's contracted for...A Gentleman Wage Thief

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I wish I could form an opinion on whether Brown should stay or go...


But the fact is now that the apathy runs so deep within that the brain functions that are needed to determine such an opinion, are overtaken by the basic functions of living and deemed surplus to requirements thus are stored into memory banks to gather dust.


Aberdeen Football Club simply do not deserve my support. I have relied on you for happiness and pride, you fail spectacularly. We gave you second, third and multiples of these chances by turning up and investing financial and physical support into you. You fail us like the clinging scumbag junkie ex-school friend "I just a tenner to get back on my feet, I'll give it back to you I promise" x 10. You abuse our friendship and heritage.


I suppose therein lies your answer.


We have fallen so deep. The malaise is the accumulation of all the mistakes of the past decade, it has shadowed over our club for years, threatening to land. Until it finally did when McGhee arrived.


It landed and it's weight squeezes the life out, while the fans flow out through the cracks.

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In his interview tonight he said there are mitigating circumstances with 5 or 6 players injured (he even mentions Paton as one of them). Never encountered such a catalogue of injuries in a season. When there is expectation we don't measure up. When we have them all fit and maybe a couple of signings we will be a team to be reckoned with next season.


Does anyone take this seriously any more?

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I have tried to keep faith in Brown but I am starting to really feel it has been misplaced. I just wonder if the subsequent pay-off that it will take to get rid will be more damaging to us than keeping him for another year. I do believe we are only a few good players away from a decent side but having seen his transfers I am almost 100% certain he won't bring these players in. As things stand next season is a write-off (again) and I can only hope AFC have the sense to shake hands at the end of it and say farewell to Broon. As always I am extremely sceptical as to whether those at the top have any sense at all, with our previous we'll be sitting 9th and hand him another deal. It will almost be easier if they let the huns back in and we can all walk away on principle, that is so unbelievably sad.

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Why the fuck if Anderson and Considine are to be our centre half pairing next season are we still playing Reynolds there?


Get Reynolds to fuck or play him at left back since he won't be here next season anyway and let these two start to develop an understanding.


exactly should not be giving mackie or really fyvie a game either

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