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Derek Stillie, International Goalkeeper

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Sealand principality plays first official football match

7 May 2012


The team of the Principality of Sealand have played their first official football match.


Sealand claims to be its own independent nation since the Bates family founded it in 1967.


It has a current population of no more than four and winched in some reinforcements including Derek Stillie, Former Scotland U21 goalkeeper.


Also capped by Sealand in that international were "former Southampton, Birmingham City, Bolton Wanderers and Norwich City defender Simon Charlton... former Manchester United youth midfielder turned football agent Dave Gardner, the actor Ralf Little (The Royle Family, The Cafe), Prince Liam of Sealand, President of Sealand FA, author Neil Forsyth and Sun columnist and radio presenter Gordon Smart."


"There also be representatives of Sealand's huge online following with Sealand fans who play football to a good level having been entered in a draw to earn the chance to win an international cap. "



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