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Goodbye Dunfermline

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I went to the match :ninja: they truly were dreadful. Nobody thought the 4th goal was over the line at all but Dunfermline had given up by about 30 minutes of the match (and nae wonder). Pretty packed too there tonight, dunno the attendance. Who needs Rangers, relegation battles bring in the big crowds too :wave:

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So long and thanks for all the pish...




Shame to lose the loose cannon Yorkston from future SPL votes, always seems to get in about the mix to be fair.


As for the team, bye chaps and hope to see you in an expanded top division soon. Would rather have a small honest team than a fucking huge massively dishonest one any day.


As Stand Free said, thanks for the pish.

So long.

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On balance a poorer team than us - though we've made them look good.


Who are worse than us now - if you give hibs decent defensive organisation?


I'd be happy if they were still up - their chairmen has more balls than all the rest.


Not sad about the ferret though


Div 1 is still too good for him,

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Hibs' defence actually seems to have come along a lot compared to earlier in the season. McPake had a great game - Dunfermline had quite a few good chances but squandered them or he was there.


Also it was a bit shite but a Dunfermline fan got chucked out by stewards because he threw the ball onto the pitch - he never went onto the actual pitch but he did step over a little advertising board to get the ball - but mostly because the ballboys were nowhere to be seen. Bit of a blow considering his team was already getting pumped at that point so a shame he got thrown out. :ThumbsDown:

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Dunfermline are a diddy club in relative terms, but would much rather see them in the top flight along with the likes of Dundee, Ross County, Falkirk, Raith Rovers, Partick Thistle, Ayr Utd etc. as opposed to the current set-up of 12 teams playing each other 4x. Also bring back the play-off between 2nd top/bottom, although that might spell bad news for the Dons!

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I wasn't sure what I thought about the league size but I am realising that I think 12 teams just now is crap. Sure, there is a danger that the smaller team games will be watched by 4/5000 people but it'd still be better to have 16 or whatever teams in the league as it would be more enjoyable (and more choices of away days!).

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