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Electric And Gas Suppliers

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Can't you go onto price comparison websites?


I had a heap of bother about changing suppliers when I moved into my flat in Aberdeen. I was supposed to be with Scottish Power but they proved to be cunts so I left them and went with Scottish Hydro for both gas and electricity. It's good being with the same company for easiness and I get a 5% discount on bills. I've no idea if they are the cheapest though. I pay

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As above, your best bet is to go with the Hydro, Scottish Power are dicks, their call centres tell you one thing while they actually do another. They won't own up to mistakes on your bill, and ignore all your problems. In short, they're ruthless uncaring wankers who want all your money. The Hydro Board may have its faults, but at least they seem to give a damn about their customers.

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Chances are the builder will already have a supplier for the property. You'll just take over the bill from them to start with - and then be able to switch to someone else.


Other thing to get sorted out is breakdown cover for your bolier - it might be a newbuild, but there is still a possibility of the boiler breaking down (as I found out 3 years ago!).

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