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Banff Jihad


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It's Banff. Suspicious material could very easily be a manual for a XBox and a DVD boxed set of 24.


Not too forward thinking in Banff. Minky bastards if truth be told.


Full of Deveronvale scummers.


Any idea what sort of material was involved?


Seems a bit drastic to call in the bomb squad and evacuate houses.

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There's a restaurant I went to once up that way. In from the Buckie coast, called the Old Monastery. Is it still open? It was a cracking restaurant. Think it might have been in a place called Drybridge or something else beginning with D.

I've got a meeting with a Banff guy tomorrow, I'll ask him for the scoop.

Used to be good. Turned crap. Now closed.


I considered buying it two years ago as it was up for sale as a house.

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Ironic in what way?


You going to start bubbling again and accusing me of 'being in the know' because you are paranoid?


Go on, give it the water works again because you got signed up to filth. It was funny as fuck might I add.


Safe to say, I couldn't imagine boofon giving it the waterworks.


I'm not even going to bother arguing with such senseless drivel.


Safe to say I got to the bottom of it. It was disappointing to say the least.


I'd argue it was as far from 'funny as fuck' as you can get, but each to their own sense of humour.


And I could always pull up some posts proving you knew all about it before you admitted to it.


But I canna be arsed, as I'm an adult.


Now fuckoff.

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I'm from a village right next to Banff, my sister actually stays in Banff and was one of the streets that was evacuated.


The local gossip is that an English lad who moved to Banff around a year ago, has no friends or family in the area, disna work and is rarely seen has been found with suspicious materials in his car and hoose, hivna heard what the materials are though.


Naeobdy was concerned about any bomb they were just pisssed that they couldna get into Tesco on Friday night!!!

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What if I did know - I however never at the time you were enquiring.


Why the fuck would I tell you, especially since it was amusing to watch you bubble like a wee lassie.


'Oh who's doing this, it's you Roberto, it's you'. Wa wa wa.


Amusing when you found out it wasn't me.


Paranoid cry baby cunt.



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I think if we go back to last Monday & Tuesday we'll see some similarly infantile ranting and raving from Roberto.


I think his issues are coming to the fore again.


Roberto I can help you if you wish to take control of your life again.


Up to you.


You know where to come, I dinna hold grudges against those in need of assistance.

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