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Who Wants Or Needs A Job?

The Boofon

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Spin off from "How Much You Reckon A Good Night Out Costs" thread.


Anyone out of work or fancy a change of career then have a look in this thread.


Fire up any decent adverts you may have seen or received via email that you're not interested in taking.


This might be worth a punt for anyone up North who fancies a change of career. :thumbs:


Was sent this in error but who knows it might be ideal for someone.


Peat Fire Operator in Inverness

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I need a new job. Got a couple of interviews lined up so fingers crossed i'll find something suitable. I can get over 20% more wages doing a similar job elsewhere at the moment, so time to move on! (not just about the money, but it's definitely a motivation)



What do you do?

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Sounds like IT geekery to me.


Bobby Connor might be able to help.

I stuck my CV on Oil Careers and about 6 agencies calling me in the following 2 days asking me if I was interested in xyz jobs. Looks like there are plenty around, i've just got to pick the right one now! (and make sure I get the fucker when it comes down to the Interview!).


Our work is meant to be giving us pay rises soon, heard that the base rate is 1.5%, that would be an insult if they gave us that! Kinda hoping I find a job just as they tell me "here's 2% pay rise" so I can tell them to shove it.

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Sorry MDAL, unfortunately for my wife, i'm already married.


But this is a serious offer, if anyone out there is wuqlifiedfor this job, or knows someone who is, our company is looking.

That's some fucking weird Aussie spelling there!!

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Im pretty much a joiner but i will do anything as long as its above minimum wage, The security job i start soon will only be till september.



How can you be pretty much a joiner? You either are or aren't I would have thought unless of course you are just coming to the end of your apprenticeship or something?

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