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"back, Sack & Crack"

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Well, minus the back to be honest.


Can anyone recommend any "male grooming" places in ABZ?


Getting fed up of cuts when using other methods, and this - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Veet-Men-Hair-Removal-Creme/dp/B000KKNQBK - doesn't sound very appealing, so fancy trying a proper wax...


You can probably do this yourself, rather than going to some expensive salon.


And when you're done, you can keep the razor and shaving foam in one of your old bras, hung off the bathroom door handle.

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Oh aye, make sure and leave it on for at least double the recommended time. Or you could be left with some undesirable testicles left on.


I will say never to shave your scrote while pushed and tired. That's just a very bad accident waiting to happen.

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