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S.p.l Is A Joke League!

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Neil Doncaster's comments



Neil Doncaster's flat top



Neil Doncaster's Spud u like heed



Neil Doncaster.......... full stop



...and the winner is the above post.

The man is a complete and utter joke - way out of his depth and scared shitless to make tough decisions

Limp wristed cunt should be removed from his position immediately

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The SPL is a joke league because Doncaster and Topping are the best clowns in the business.


That comedy haircut of Doncasters and his stupid looking League-of-Gentleman-esque face is ace. Cracks my sides every time I see it.


Actually the we should just rename the SPL as "The League of Gentleman" because that's how equally scary and ridiculous the whole set up is.

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