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For You , Muttondressedaslamb

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Being a revved-up sign, peace sounds boring to you ... but hitting burnout isn't fun, either. Your process of winding down needs a tinge of adventure. The martial arts, which combine mind training as well as action, could be ideal; watching sports or thriller movies could also help. Failing that, try simply blissing out in a jacuzzi at a sociable spa.











Should anyone else be interested , don't be shy , it would please to have all the signs represented. So far we have Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Scorpio and Pisces which covers all the elements Fire , Earth , Air and Water. Still to go - Cancer(water) ; Leo(fire) ; Virgo(earth) ; Libra(air) ; Sagittarius(fire) ; Capricorn(earth) ; Aquarius(air).



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