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Australia 6-9 Scotland

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Wasnt the full aussie team though was it?


It was a full international and that's what the record books will show. That's two in a row against the Aussies as well.


Not a full strength Aussie side but there were plenty experienced players in there. It was not a full strength Scots side either, due to injury, suspension and a couple of older players being rested. Several new caps in our side as a result.


A lot of character shown by our side to win under a lot of pressure in terrible conditions.

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5 new caps for the Aussies I believe, but that's what you get for taking the piss.

The equivalent of us putting Soutar in goal in the League Cup.


It so isn't the same!


Scotland had 2 new caps and one making his first start and several still in single digits cap wise, with more uncapped players on the bench. The Aussie team had plenty experience and it wasn't the reason they lost.

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