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Medicine Of A Non-Pharmalogical Nature


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being the most mature woman supporter on the board i believe...


thanks for the info, Phoenix! :wave: i already eats oodles of parsley (i adore tabouleh), but will up my celery intake when, and if, the time of HRT occurs. not there yet. :thumbs:



for note of those loons looking to reproduce, some good news, i guess. a recent study has shown that "when a man drinks to excess, smokes or otherwise behaves unhealthily, it probably won't damage his sperm".


The study included more than 2,200 men from 14 fertility clinics around the United Kingdom who completed detailed questionnaires about their lifestyle habits. The researchers compared this information to the levels of swimming sperm ejaculated by the men.


Some factors did impact sperm health. For example, men who had low levels of swimming sperm were 2.5 times more likely to have had prior testicular surgery, twice as likely to be black, and 30 percent more likely to have manual labor jobs, not wear boxer shorts (vs. briefs or no underwear), or not to have previously conceived a child.



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